Have Faith. G-d Listens

Here is a wonderful and true post-Yom Kippur story. I’m a minimalist which means I don’t have clutter or excess in my home. This is mainly because I have 8 people in a small three-bedroom apartment and have no extra space for non-necessary items. I’m also against excess consumerism and only purchase what we need.Continue reading “Have Faith. G-d Listens”

The Best Freebie of All: Prayer

I wish summer reality would be like the nostalgic memories of my youth:  refreshing water activities , cold treats, fun outings.  I cling to these images while I shvitz in hot, humid weather while multi-tasking, managing squabbling children and afflicted with itchy bug bites. However, these petty summer nuances can dissipate in an instant. Illness,Continue reading “The Best Freebie of All: Prayer”

Be True to Yourself

I must confess.  I don’t like cucumbers. Neither do I like peppers. Considering they are both healthy and inexpensive I tolerate them though don’t prefer them.  If I find these vegetables in a salad, I may eat them or I may not.  How are my food preference related to a blog on home organizing?  ReadContinue reading “Be True to Yourself”

Facebook Reactivated… Temporarily

I was blissfully enjoying a six month hiatus from Facebook and loving every minute of my detachment from social media. Except for one thing: I sorely missed the support and guidance from a group for mothers of special needs children, support I was not receiving from any other source. For this reason alone I reactivatedContinue reading “Facebook Reactivated… Temporarily”

Life after Facebook. One Month Later

As some of you may recall I decided to leave Facebook a month ago. Guess what?  My account is still inactivated and I’m alive and well. Some wonderful things have transpired since then such as new employment opportunities and more quality family time.  I’ve also had new clients and enjoyed my time working with them.Continue reading “Life after Facebook. One Month Later”

Three, Two, One…Logout

My time on social media is almost over.  I will be deactivating my Facebook account soon.  What I find most interesting since I made this announcement are the opinions being expressed by others regarding my decision.  It reminds me of the forces of good and evil battling for my soul. The pro-decision folk are veryContinue reading “Three, Two, One…Logout”

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Were you ever in a relationship that needed to end?  Even when you knew it was the right decision it did not make breaking up any easier. The time has come to break up. The relationship I am referencing is not with a human but with Facebook.  We’ve been in a long term relationship almostContinue reading “All Good Things Must Come to an End”

Teaching from the trenches. Tuesday

My work week is Sunday through Wednesday. Yesterday was Tuesday and thank G-d a GOOD day.  There was 75% participation in my grade 8 class.  Since there are only four students it’s an easy calculation.  We read a poem called ‘Fueled‘ by Marcie Hans. Then they had to write a poem of their own.  OneContinue reading “Teaching from the trenches. Tuesday”

Teaching from the trenches

Another wonderful week thus far in school-ville.  For those who know me, I’m being sarcastic.  For the non-teacher and non-male readers, compare this time of year and last few weeks of teaching to the last few weeks of pregnancy.  You know the end is in sight, but it’s like eight months then a year. AtContinue reading “Teaching from the trenches”

The end of the school year. From a teacher in the trenches

I am feeling much better than last week.  My voice has returned, my energy has not.  I have an annoying cough that will probably take a while before it goes away. As long as I don’t have a coughing fit in the middle of class, I’m good. This is the most challenging time of theContinue reading “The end of the school year. From a teacher in the trenches”

My Miserable Day at Work

For some reason, my friends wanted details about my miserable day at work on Tuesday. (Teaching, not organizing).  Why were they so curious?  On friend responded “Your icky day makes our icky days feel not so bad”. Another replied “Honest reality is refreshing”.  Though not related to organizing, I do occasionally share what’s on myContinue reading “My Miserable Day at Work”

A Post in Memory of my Grandmother

One year ago, on the 3rd night of Chanukah, my grandma Beverly Zoot Tatz passed to the next world. Since I don’t know what a granddaughter can meaningfully do on a grandparent’s first yahrtzeit, I posed the question and received two replies. One person suggested giving tzedakah in her memory.  Another said it is aContinue reading “A Post in Memory of my Grandmother”

“What time does the supermarket open and how long are the lines.” A pre-yom tov mussing with a history lesson

Pardon the long title, as an inspiration for something more concise didn’t come to mind.  This post is about two books I recently read and how it has affected my thinking in regards to recent events and observations. I love reading, especially children’s literature in the historical fiction genre. Last month I read two booksContinue reading ““What time does the supermarket open and how long are the lines.” A pre-yom tov mussing with a history lesson”

A Day in the Life: Summer Vacation

Does anyone remember the “A Day in the Life” series of books?   Photojournalists were sent to different countries to capture what a day was like in a country from early morning to late at night.   I should do the same thing and call it “A Day in the Life: Summer Vacation”.  Here is a sample ofContinue reading “A Day in the Life: Summer Vacation”

The How-to-Get-Unaddicted to Facebook Post

Hi.  I’m Karen.  I’m Facebook addict.  Or at least I used to be.  It was a mild addiction, if there is such a thing.  Or maybe I came to the realization FB was a big time suck and I needed to DeKlutter it from my life. I had about 200 Friends, belonged to a coupleContinue reading “The How-to-Get-Unaddicted to Facebook Post”

The Journey of a Broken Arm

I generally write about de-cluttering and organizing, but every so often something noteworthy happens I want to share. Yesterday one of my kids broke their arm.  The result of a split second incident was a hairline fracture to the left arm.  The child is now in a cast to the elbow.  Luckily, it wasn’t the dominant hand.Continue reading “The Journey of a Broken Arm”

The Nail Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about nails.  Not the kind that hang photos, but fingernails. I have unanswered questions such as “What is the obsession with long nails?”  “Why are ladies decorating the ring finger nail differently than the other four digits?”  What’s the difference between acrylics and gel–or is it the same thing? Are sparkly, glitzy, decaled nails for fun?Continue reading “The Nail Post”

The Bus Post

I ride buses a lot.  It’s a way of life where I live.  I also commute three hours a day or more when there is traffic.  This gives me lots of time to people watch. There are acts that make me smile and think to myself ‘somebody’s mother should shep nachas from them right now’, specifically,when someone givesContinue reading “The Bus Post”