The Journey of a Broken Arm

I generally write about de-cluttering and organizing, but every so often something noteworthy happens I want to share. Yesterday one of my kids broke their arm.  The result of a split second incident was a hairline fracture to the left arm.  The child is now in a cast to the elbow.  Luckily, it wasn’t the dominant hand.Continue reading “The Journey of a Broken Arm”

The Nail Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about nails.  Not the kind that hang photos, but fingernails. I have unanswered questions such as “What is the obsession with long nails?”  “Why are ladies decorating the ring finger nail differently than the other four digits?”  What’s the difference between acrylics and gel–or is it the same thing? Are sparkly, glitzy, decaled nails for fun?Continue reading “The Nail Post”

The Bus Post

I ride buses a lot.  It’s a way of life where I live.  I also commute three hours a day or more when there is traffic.  This gives me lots of time to people watch. There are acts that make me smile and think to myself ‘somebody’s mother should shep nachas from them right now’, specifically,when someone givesContinue reading “The Bus Post”

Send in the Clowns

This blog is about organizing and decluttering.  However, I was very moved by an experience yesterday and wanted to share it. My baby had to go to the hospital for an endoscopy.  My baby, literally, is a baby.  He’s 11 months old.  He’s always had a temperamental tummy.  He’s on a very $$$$$ non-dairy non-soy formula called Neocate.Continue reading “Send in the Clowns”

The Pot Roast Story

Have you heard the famous story about the woman who cuts the ends off her pot roast before putting it in the over?  If you haven’t already, here it is: A newly-wed man would watch his wife would cut an inch off from both ends of meat for pot roast before putting it into the oven.  When heContinue reading “The Pot Roast Story”

De-cluttering Cybernoise

The never-ending dilemma: The kids are finally  asleep and the house quiet.  The decision: get something done, chillax, or sleep?  If I’m really exhausted, sleep wins.  Then the choice is between chillaxing and getting something done.  This evening, chillaxing won and y’all get a new blog post! I am feeling inspired to share how I just made my life easier.Continue reading “De-cluttering Cybernoise”

To Connect or Not to Connect?

Playing off Shakespeare’s famous lines ‘To be or not to be?’ I often ponder if I’m missing out on not being connected to the internet 24/7 (24/6 because I am Sabbath observant).  I have what is called a ‘Kosher phone’ which means my phone does not have internet connection.  I do not have instant access to everyoneContinue reading “To Connect or Not to Connect?”

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

According to Flylady, we let our perfectionism get in the way of getting things done.  This means most people never start something for fear of failure.  It also can mean starting  something, but not finishing it because it is never “just right”. I have tried very hard to get over this perfectionism trait.  While IContinue reading “It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect”

Who’s washing the dishes?

My last post a few mere hours ago was on the topic of planning for a big meal. As a follow-up, let’s talk about clean up.  Who’s washing the dishes tonight, or any night for that matter?  In my household, it’s usually me, me, and me.  However, The Klutter Koach is training her small armyContinue reading “Who’s washing the dishes?”

ROUTINE–not a dirty word

Routine is not a dirty word. Routine is not synonymous with boring. Routine is predictable. Having a routine is comforting–you know what comes next. There are those times you just need to go on auto-pilot and having a routine has trained you to get through a series of steps without having to think about it.Continue reading “ROUTINE–not a dirty word”

Unsolicited Pearls of Wisdom for Brides-To-Be

I’ve always wanted to give unsolicited advice to brides-to-be.  Since I don’t know anyone setting married and my oldest daughter is 12, I have these pearls of wisdom I’ve been dying to share with someone. OK, perhaps you don’t fit into the bride-to-be category, but whether or not you’re already married, you probably have aContinue reading “Unsolicited Pearls of Wisdom for Brides-To-Be”