Be Prepared: It’s Cold, Flu, and Allergy Season

Cold and flu season has arrived.  For some (like yours truly) allergy season is year-round and the allergens just change from mold to pollen to ragweed to dust. Whether cold, flu, or allergy similar complaints prevail with the stuffy nose-sneezing-achy-coughing scenario. While I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, IContinue reading “Be Prepared: It’s Cold, Flu, and Allergy Season”

Charge Your Battery

Last night my house was a mess.  By bedtime I was exhausted, frazzled, and additionally stressed over a situation that’s going to take some ‘protexia’ and Divine intervention to resolve.  Ideally, I would have gone sleep with a clean house in order to wake up to a clean house.  However I have learned that myContinue reading “Charge Your Battery”

Seasonal Allergies

As I’ve been scrubbing my counters and wiping crumbs from the fridge, I have been feeling absolutely miserable.  Not from this physical labor, but from symptoms of red, irritated eyes, body aches, and scratchy throat.  G-d forbid I’ve come down with pink eye or a virus.  Ain’t got no time for that ’cause Pesach isContinue reading “Seasonal Allergies”

Taking a Sick Day

Today I took a sick day from work.  Not a sick day like the well-deserved mental health day I could really use, but mamash a sick day because I was feeling extremely ill. Taking a day off is logistically very difficult.  To miss a day of teaching and having to deal with substitute plans isContinue reading “Taking a Sick Day”