Using up Leftovers

In my eagerness to publish my post I forgot the title.  Here is the the TITLED version: Using up Leftovers I will add this is my plate note: (not disposable) and fork (note: not plastic).  The large chunk pictured about the chicken and rice is the biscuit topping.  Also note, this was all that was left of the leftovers because it was so yummy and a bit hit with the family. Karen, T.K.K. August 31, 2018 Continue reading Using up Leftovers

TKK’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge

I’ve had many people ask me for a daily home organizing challenge.  I happily complied and have been posting them on my Facebook page. Then it dawned on me not all Klutter Koach followers are on Facebook.  Hence, I will post the challenges here.  Each one takes 15 minutes or less. I practice what I preach so I am also doing the challenge right along with you. Here is what we’ve done thus far: August 10:  The Purge Purge Empty out that purse, bag, or backpack. Throw out trash, put non-necessary items where they belong, refill the bag, and you’re … Continue reading TKK’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge

Life Lessons

Job loss is unfortunately part of life. I sensed this event was forthcoming but now it’s reality. Gam zu la tova (this too is for the good). I know a window will open somewhere. Just help me find the Windex so I can locate the window. If there is one thing to be learned from my first office non-teaching experience it is OK to be a non-coffee drinker in a world of coffee drinkers. Others may think me odd for not participating in coffee culture, but what’s a girl to do? I will unapologetically drink a green smoothie with spirulina … Continue reading Life Lessons