Q: Which areas can you help me organize?

A: Closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, books, toys, junk drawers, night stands, medicine cabinets, papers, guest rooms, seasonal clothing transition, message centers, and more

Q:  What happens during a session?

A:  Prior to the session, we speak on the phone about your organizing challenges and which areas you want to prioritize first.  Then we schedule a time for me to come.  When I arrive, you give me a tour of your home so I can see the layout, the storage available, and the area where we will be working.  Then we get started.  YOU make the decisions and I do the sorting, folding, shifting around and organizing.

Q: Is my home the most disorganized one you have every seen?

A: I’ve seen it all.  Nothing shocks me.  I have areas in my own home that are a constant challenge and seek out solutions as the needs of the household change.  There is no “perfect” home because we live in our spaces.  The catalog of a home furnishings store is staged to look that way and is not real life.  I am non-judgemental my goal is to help you get your space working for you.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:. It depends on what we are organizing and how big the space is.  There is a 2 hour minimum per session.  Contact me to discuss your goals and which package is most suitable for you.

Q: Will you make me throw everything out?

A:  Absolutely not!  The decision what to keep is yours.  I incorporate a method where you decide if the item “sparks joy” and makes you happy when you use it.  I can observe by your reaction if the items “sparks joy” or if you are second-guessing yourself and convincing yourself you want it when you really don’t.   If you have 20 black skirts, I may encourage you to weed some out, but the decision is yours.

Q:  What happens to my things I am not going to keep?

A:  Unless you plan to sell something or give it away to a specific person, I remove the items for you.  The items are given to a second-hand store, gemach, or family in need.

Q:  Will the space stay organized?

A: You need to maintain the space in order for it to stay organized. Compare it to the classic joke “But Mom, I brushed my teeth yesterday!” Mom  says “Of course you did, but that was yesterday. You have to brush them today, too.”  The key is to put things back in their place and train household members to do the same which the only way to maintain the work we did.

Q:  Do you do the work or do you teach me how to do it?

A:  I do the physical work but you work alongside me, as you are the one making the decisions.  The more you practice listening to your intuition about which items you want to keep or discard, the more proficient you will become at making decisions.  Through practice, you will learn the method and be able to work independently.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  It depends how much space you need to organize and which service you need.  To learn more see Services .

Q: Do you have references?

A:  Yes, I do.  You can also read testimonials of satisfied clients.

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