Before & After Spaces Transformed

Welcome to the Klutter Koach Gallery.   Peruse some amazing BEFORE & AFTER photos of spaces transformed. For each photo I describe the steps we took to arrive at the ‘After’.

Described by the client as ‘a monster’ this playroom needed a little TLC. We slayed the beast in 3 hours 15 minutes. We unpacked boxes from a recent move, repurposed plastic storage containers, did a good sort-out, and rearranged the furniture.
3 large bags of trash and lots of items to re-home.

This angled space is located under a staircase.  It was full of boxes that needed unpacking from a move plus other miscellaneous items.  After unpacking the boxes, it was determined that many of the items were no longer needed and deemed for giveaway.  We moved the bulky suitcases to the space under the stairs and used the shelving in the closet for the newly unpacked items. Many winter coats were discovered in the process which were re-homed to a girls’ home.

This bookcase was shelving more than books.  First we downsized unwanted books.  Next we relocated the games to an empty shelf in another room of the house.  Then the books were organized by category, like a library.  I came back for a second round of downsizing and the bottom shelf of encyclopedias was removed as well as other books that belonged to another member of the household who wasn’t present for the first round of sorting.  A local library benefited from our downsizing efforts.

This unused table was taking space up in a hallway.  It had become a catch-all for everything. (Don’t we all have a flat horizontal purpose that becomes a clutter catch-all?) First we cleared the table and moved items to where they belonged.  Second we found a new location for the table to clear the hallway.  The plan is that the table will be re-homed.

Both the top of the dresser and drawers cleared and emptied.  Clothes were sorted into categories: “liked” and currently wearing, “liked” but not currently wearing (either because of season or size), and “re-home”.  The clothes currently being worn were organized in the drawers or closet.  The other clothes were but in labelled bags and stored on a closet shelf and in under-the-bed storage.

This bookcase needed some organizing.  Games were re-located to another bookcase with shelves designated for games.  Then we located books that were not currently on the shelf and organized it.

This little girl’s closet and room needed some de-cluttering and organizing.  After downsizing unwanted or outgrown games and toys, we created welcoming play space fit for a princess.

These kitchen cabinets needed a makeover.  We put the bagged food items in stackable square or rectangular see-though containers with labels to identify the contents.

Buffet.  This is mine. It is a constant “hot spot” in my home because everyone keeps dropping things on it.  I decided to re-purpose some of the drawers by giving three of the kids their own “junk drawer”. When the drawer is full, we know it’s time to sort and de-clutter.

This machsan needed a lot of organization.  The client already had these containers so we made good use of them to sort and categorize.

Kids grow like weeds and grow out of clothing just as fast. Some families are blessed with hand-me-downs from friends or relatives. What often happens is a space gets jammed with too small clothing, too big clothing, unliked clothing, and clothing that is liked and fits.  A lot of sorting takes place to keep in the wardrobe the CURRENT clothing.  Any clothes that are being kept for younger siblings/relatives are labelled and stored in a higher cabinet.

Here’s my buffet again and living room. My kids love to spread out their toys during playtime.  The key to cleaning up in a jiffy is having designated places for everything and being sure everyone knows where they go.  This room was ship-shape in less than 30 minutes.