The Klutter Koach offers a variety of  services to get your home organized so it will feel relaxed, lighter, and freer and you’ll love your space when we’re done.

Home Organizing

We all have projects that need attending to.

  • Perhaps it’s the spare room that has become the dumping ground for everything.
  • Or a room needs updating because the purpose of the room has changed
  • Or a kitchen needs rearranging to make it more functional.

When we’re finished working you’ll enjoy the way your home looks and feels.


Memory Preservation

Create heirloom scrapbooks with all the memorabilia you’ve been saving such as kid art, special cards, and photos.  All the black and white photos, photos stuffed in a drawer, or photos in non photo-safe albums will get ruined if you don’t preserve them properly.  Wouldn’t it be great to have these memories for future generations?


Save time and money by packing methodically and de-cluttering / downsizing before you the move.  Less stuff to move = reduced moving costs.


Let me help you unpack and go from moving boxes to an organized new home.  We’ll void the pitfall of stashing items anywhere just to get them out of boxes.

Re-homing Unwanted Items

All the items you have no use for or no longer want will be re-homed to new families.

Some reasons clients find it is hard to part with items is because they were gifts, “good money” was spent on them, it “might” fit or be useful in the future. If you don’t need it, I’ll remove the items and re-home them for you to worthy causes.

This service is included as part of a session, but can also be purchased separately.



Hiring the Klutter Koach SAVES YOU MONEY in the long run.  How?

  •  discover items you thought had gone missing forever
  • find duplicates and avoid purchasing yet another XYZ
  • realize there are plenty of things in your wardrobe that you love wearing without having to buy more clothes.

3 hours= 450 NIS

4 hour package=500 NIS  (additional hours can be added to a package for 125 NIS/hour)

You already took the FIRST STEP of getting organized by visiting this page.  STEP TWO is to Contact me

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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