Home Organizing

Mentally and physically we feel better when our home is organized and can find things when we need them. Your home should be organized so you know where things are, to the degree that you feel relaxed and not stressed in your space. Some homes need a little TLC and others need a bit more. REGARDLESS IF YOU ARE ORGANIZED OR NOT ORGANIZED being short on time, energy, or motivation is what keeps us from starting and/or finishing projects.

Downsizing / Decluttering

Things tend to accumulate and clutter builds up. When we realize we have too much “stuff” it’s time to downsize and declutter. Our lives evolve and our tastes change. Items once used are no longer used. Clearing out these items frees up space, making room for the items you use and love.


Pack with intention. We’ll avoid the Mystery Box scenario by labelling the contents of the boxes. (Note: While we do the packing, the client provide the packing materials. Clarify ahead of time if there are items excluded from our packing service).


After a move, who has the energy or headspace to unpack? Let us do it for you! Go directly from boxes to organization. Many clients love when their kitchen is set up straight away, which helps them feel settled in. Other popular areas to be set up are clothing, books, and playrooms.

Aliyah advisement in the jurisdiction of your “stuff”

Many olim come to the conclusion after they’ve moved, they brought TOO MUCH STUFF.  They also realize the storage space is often less than what one was accustomed to.  These two factors often result in overwhelm. TAKE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES against this scenario with a pre-aliyah consultation with regards to your “stuff” and suggestions of what items to bring with you and which to leave behind.

Why hiring us will SAVE you TIME and MONEY

  • discover items you thought had gone missing forever
  • find duplicates and avoid purchasing yet another XYZ
  • realize there are plenty of things in your wardrobe you love wearing without having to buy more
  • save money on moving costs if you downsize and declutter before moving
  • reduce stress by having a home that “works” and making use of what you already have on-hand

Questions? CONTACT us. See the FAQ for common questions.