The Klutter Koach helps homemakers make the most of their space and create systems that work. Clients are empowered with the skills to conquer their clutter and overcome organizational challenges.

Your home will feel relaxed, lighter, and freer and you’ll love your space when we’re done.


Home Organizing / Downsizing / Decluttering

  • A room that has become the dumping ground for everything becomes functional again
  • Cluttered closets and cabinets become uncluttered and no need to cram any longer
  • Spaces needing to be used more efficiently get rearranged without costly renovations
  • Areas to tackle: bedrooms, kitchens, storage rooms, playrooms, living spaces, bathrooms and more
  • Items to organize: books, toys, papers, clothing and more

Move-ins /Move-outs

unpacking: Let me help you unpack and go from moving boxes to an organized new home.  We’ll void the pitfall of stashing items anywhere just to get them out of boxes.

packing:  Pack with intention. We’ll photograph contents in boxes and create a master list to avoid the “Where’s the …?” scenario.  Save time and money by packing methodically and decluttering / downsizing before you the move.  Less stuff to move = reduced moving costs.

Freecycling Unwanted Items

I realize it’s difficult to part with items is because they were gifts, expensive purchases, or you don’t want to throw out something still useful.  If you don’t want it, I’ll remove the it. Then I will re-home it to individuals or organizations who can use your former treasures.

Aliyah Consultation

I work with many clients who come to the conclusion after they’ve moved they brought TOO MUCH STUFF.  They also realize that they don’t have the storage space they were used in their previous home.  These two factors often result in overwhelm and feeling squeezed into too small a space with too many things.

LET’S DO TAKE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES against this very common scenario by scheduling video chat to see how you can best plan your aliyah in regards of what you should take and what to leave behind.  Advice is tailor-made; there is no one-size-fits-all though I do make recommendations.


How hiring the Klutter Koach will SAVE YOU MONEY. You will

  • discover items you thought had gone missing forever
  • find duplicates and avoid purchasing yet another XYZ
  • realize there are plenty of things in your wardrobe that you love wearing without having to buy more clothes.
  • save money on moving costs
  • reduce stress by having an environment that “works” so no need to run to a home good store and purchase anything.  We make use of what you already have on-hand.