Transitions Package= 180 nis for 2 hours

Reasons you might choose this package:
  • Baby (or one on the way): make space for your new prince or princess’s gear.
  • End of school year:  What are you going to do with all those papers? Let’s sort and purge.  You do not need to keep it all.  Really.
  • Engagement / marriage:  You are merging not only your lives but your stuff.  Great package for shalom bayis when organizing styles clash (or not).
  • Closet Overhaul: You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  Let’s declutter that closet and keep only what makes you feel great!
  • Downsizing/ New Stage of Life: Our tastes change over time, and that’s normal.  Keep the memories, keep what “sparks joy”, re-home the rest.

Busy Lady Package= 240 nis for 3 hours

You might choose this package if:
  • Busy Career woman, working mom or stay-at -home -mom:  No matter which one you are, our schedules packed schedules.  You want to organize or de-clutter but you don’t have the time, energy, or motivation.  I’ve got the enthusiasm and energy to tackle that project and get the momentum going.  We’ll start, we’ll, finish, you’ll love the results.
  • Room overhall:  You’ve been wanting to rearrange the bedroom, the kitchen, the guest room, the toys.  Chose a space and we’ll make the space usable, functional, and pretty.
  • Seasonal wardrobe transition:  What do you do with the out of season clothing, unwanted clothing, oror ite you want to save for younger siblings?  We’ll create a system that works for you.

New Beginnings Package =300 nis for 4 hours

You might choose this package if you:
  • Made Aliyah: Moving countries is a BIG DEAL.  As much as we thought we got rid of stuff we realize there is more to purge.  Generally there are no walk-in closets, attics, basements, or garages.  Let’s downsize a bit  to make everything fit.
  • Packing for a move: Methodical packing and list making are crucial. I’ve got the moving procedure down to a science. Getting organized before a move makes unpacking a breeze.
  • Unpacking from a move: Old way: toss things anywhere, find unpacked boxes a year later.  New way: Get settled ASAP. Go from boxes to systems.  Enjoy your new home!

Welcome Home Package =800 nis for 10 hours

Same as the New Beginnings Package with more hours.

All services include

  • FREE consultation to discuss your needs and decide which package is best for you.
  • Unwanted items removed and re-homed (given to a gemach, family in need, etc.)  **For large quantities there is an additional charge
  • Written summary of what we accomplished and emailed to you after the session.

**To travel outside of Bet Shemesh there is an additional charge.  Client must purchase a 4 or 10 hour package.

Ready to schedule a package? Questions?  Contact me