Hourly Rate: 150 nis

New Beginnings Package:  4 hours = 400 nis

  • Made Aliyah: Moving countries is a BIG DEAL.  As much as we thought we got rid of stuff we realize there is more to purge.  Generally there are no walk-in closets, attics, basements, or garages.  Let’s downsize a bit  to make everything fit and set up systems in the process.
  • Packing for a move: Methodical packing and list making are crucial.  Downsizing  often goes hand-in-hand with moving. I’ll remove and re-home your items for you.
  • Unpacking from a move: Old way: toss things anywhere, find unpacked boxes a year later.  New way: Get settled ASAP. Go from boxes to systems.  Enjoy your new home!

Addition hours=150 nis/hour

  • FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs
  • Unwanted items removed and re-homed (given to a gemach, family in need, etc.)  **additional charge to cover cost of taxis
  • Written summary of what we accomplished and emailed to you after the session.

**For travel outside of Bet Shemesh there is an additional charge.

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