Who is The Klutter Koach?

Hi and thanks for clicking! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MYSELF. I’m Karen Furman aka The Klutter Koach, which is Coach spelled with K for Karen, not ko-ach (strength). I’m not sure if it’s my signature BLUE GLASSES (which were once gray) or my friendly demeanor but when I meet people they say ‘Oh-you’re the organizer lady’. Yep. That’s me. I’m mom to six kids ages 4-20. Before you start doing mental math and thinking I look too young to have a 20 year old, I will tell you to add fifteen years to the age you think I am … Continue reading Who is The Klutter Koach?

The Olim Files #22 Time is Relative

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Jewish Standard Time’ (JST for short) which means running ‘fashionably late’ for just about everything.  Is this acceptable?  Yes or no depending on the situation.  After making aliyah  you will encounter a few new TIME RELATED changes in the way things are done.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may love these changes or they may drive you batty. WEEKEND.  Typically, in the Western mindset we have a WEEKEND which is Saturday and Sunday.  Once arriving to Israel there will be a bit of a shift.  Friday is often a half-day of work and school.  On … Continue reading The Olim Files #22 Time is Relative

The Olim Files #21 The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part IV

Let’s compare some THEN AND NOW details of my life.  THEN: Prior to making aliyah my husband and I lived in a small house, had four children (KH), and two cars.  NOW: 9 years later after making aliyah, my husband and I live in a small apartment, have six children (KH), and don’t own a car. THEN: My main income came from teaching Spanish to English speakers and after aliyah my main income came from teaching English to Hebrew speakers.  NOW:  I am a business owner of  THE KLUTTER KOACH offering home organizing, de-cluttering, downsizing and moving services to Bet … Continue reading The Olim Files #21 The Ultimate in De-cluttering Part IV

The Ultimate in De-cluttering

I wrote this in 2010 prior to making aliyah.  For those who are in the process, you may find this helpful.  For those of you who have already done so, I think you can relate.  It has been almost six years.  My only semi-regret was bringing the American beds as we have ended up replacing them with the more narrow and space-saving Israeli counterparts.  Here’s a walk down Memory Lane: The ultimate in flinging is to make Aliyah.  We are G-d willing making Aliyah with NBN August 18.  We have had four Sunday yard sales in a row.  While there … Continue reading The Ultimate in De-cluttering