The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Purees and Pudddings

I use my Ninja blender to make all kinds of koncoctions. The amount of liquid used is what determines whether to classify the results as a smoothie, a puree, or a pudding.  As I mentioned in my smoothie post, I never use dairy or soy because of my little one’s allergies to those ingredients. HereContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Purees and Pudddings”

The Pantry Challenge

There are times when it is not possible to get to the grocery store.  The reasons are many:  the store is closed, the car is being serviced, your energy is zapped and you don’t want to go out, you are waiting for payday, it’s December 24, etc. Most people are so used to “running toContinue reading “The Pantry Challenge”