The Klutter Koach’s Kreative Kitchen

This week was the first “normal” week after a month of holidays. Neither my husband nor I wanted to do any middle of the week food shopping because we were 1) tired and didn’t feel like it 2) wanted to use up leftovers and 3) didn’t want to spend any more money until it wasContinue reading “The Klutter Koach’s Kreative Kitchen”

The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Muffins, Soup, and a Smoothie

Today was Yom Haatzmaut, Independence Day in Israel. Aside from the patriotic aspect,  it is famed for being the day of the barbecue, known as mangal in local lingo. I have absolutely zero knowledge nor interest in manning a grill so I leave that up to my husband or teen son. While they cooked upContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Muffins, Soup, and a Smoothie”

B is for Bananas, Beans, Beets, and Biscuit Topping

Hello Everyone, I hope some of you had a chance to try the apple recipes I posted in a previous post.  The next letter I have in my recipe book is B. This is how I arrange my recipes-alphabetically, not by category like most cookbooks do.  I have given credit to the source of theContinue reading “B is for Bananas, Beans, Beets, and Biscuit Topping”