The Klutter Koach Newsletter Premier Edition: Issue #1

I’ve been wanting to create a newsletter for some time now…and procrastinating.  I had my sights on using a service like MailChimp but the technical aspects kept me from moving forward…..So I took a BABY STEP and wrote a newsletter the “old fashioned way”…in the form of an email.    I decided to paste theContinue reading “The Klutter Koach Newsletter Premier Edition: Issue #1”

The Aliyah Files #26: My home is so dusty! Help!

Unicorns are very ‘in’ these days.  So is fairy dust and glitter. These things are cutesy and girly. But… if we’re a grown-up and have a home to manage REAL DUST is no fairy tale. No forest creature is going to come to sweep the house. At the moment dust (the real stuff, not theContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #26: My home is so dusty! Help!”

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Clutter.

Hello and blessings my dear readers.  In Julius Caesar it warned ‘Beware of the ides of March’.  I am warning you about the ides of December and the resulting clutter that can result from your shopping habits. The Klutter Koach is very very worried for some of you right now.  I don’t even you who YOU are. WhyContinue reading “Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Clutter.”