How Many Clothes are ‘Enough’?

Last night the wind was fiercely blowing.  I had hung my laundry out to dry earlier that day. Hours later, a family member alerted me that the laundry was whirling around reminiscent of the tornado scene from Wizard of Oz.  As I dashed outdoors to capture the garments, I arrived a second too late asContinue reading “How Many Clothes are ‘Enough’?”

The Aliyah Files #3: No Closets?! Where do I keep my Clothes?

There aren’t closets in Israel. What?! NO CLOSET? We have Aronot (ah ro NOTE) in the which is the plural of Aron (AH ron). This is not to be confused with the boys name Aharon (AH ha ron).  You have probably heard of an Aron Kodesh, which houses our Holy Torah.  An Aron is aContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #3: No Closets?! Where do I keep my Clothes?”