Avoid Clothing Mix-ups by Labeling

The frustrated shout of “Maaa!! These aren’t my socks! They’re _’s  (fill in name of family member). Sound familiar? When different sizes are difficult to tell apart there is often some mix-ups. Right? It makes sorting laundry a nightmare. This morning my daughter alerted me her tights were missing.  They were in my drawer whichContinue reading “Avoid Clothing Mix-ups by Labeling”

The Nail Post

I’ve been thinking a lot about nails.  Not the kind that hang photos, but fingernails. I have unanswered questions such as “What is the obsession with long nails?”  “Why are ladies decorating the ring finger nail differently than the other four digits?”  What’s the difference between acrylics and gel–or is it the same thing? Are sparkly, glitzy, decaled nails for fun?Continue reading “The Nail Post”