A Decluttering Project to do Sitting On Your Derriere: Conquering Inbox Clutter

Ok, this title may not rank me in SEO but I kind of liked it and hope it caught your attention. I don’t know about your email inbox, but mine has been exploding with mail like Gremlins in water.  A cluttered inbox stresses me out so I have to stay on top of it. HereContinue reading “A Decluttering Project to do Sitting On Your Derriere: Conquering Inbox Clutter”

Are you OVERWHELMED by clutter?

Once upon a time, there were only sports coaches.  Nowadays there are sports coaches health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and more. Since I’m a master at organizing, I became a CLUTTER COACH (spelled Klutter Koach, K for Karen). I hear from many clients how they want to tackle their organizational challenges but get OVERWHELMEDContinue reading “Are you OVERWHELMED by clutter?”

“I must get organized!” A tale of pitfalls

Are you old enough to remember the Atari game Pitfall?  Basically, you were in the jungle running and leaping over bottomless pits and other obstacles trying to reach a treasure.  You could only advance if you learned what NOT to do.  Yet no matter how many times I reached the same screen, I would stillContinue reading ““I must get organized!” A tale of pitfalls”

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Clutter.

Hello and blessings my dear readers.  In Julius Caesar it warned ‘Beware of the ides of March’.  I am warning you about the ides of December and the resulting clutter that can result from your shopping habits. The Klutter Koach is very very worried for some of you right now.  I don’t even you who YOU are. WhyContinue reading “Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Clutter.”