The Aliyah Files #29 Got Tummy Trouble? What OTC meds can you take for relief?

You’re in Israel or made aliyah and have tummy trouble. Here’s what you can take for diarrhea, gas, and stomach ailment.

The Aliyah Files #23: Summer is Sizzling. Stay Hydrated!

Baby, it’s hot outside.  Maybe not fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot but hot enough that I thank the Almighty that air conditioning was invented and grateful ours works.  Regardless if one is having fun in the sun or chillaxing indoors with a mazgan (air conditioner) I have one word of advice: DRINK! I should clarify: DRINK WATER. SkipContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #23: Summer is Sizzling. Stay Hydrated!”