The Aliyah Files #26: My home is so dusty! Help!

Unicorns are very ‘in’ these days.  So is fairy dust and glitter. These things are cutesy and girly. But… if we’re a grown-up and have a home to manage REAL DUST is no fairy tale. No forest creature is going to come to sweep the house. At the moment dust (the real stuff, not theContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #26: My home is so dusty! Help!”

#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning above and beyond preparing for Passover.  It’s SPRING CLEANING and a lot of surfaces are in need of attention. Some surfaces are so detailed that a q-tip is the best cleaning tool.  Some surfaces have shmutz in such tiny crevices that a toothpick is the only way toContinue reading “#1 Cleaning Tip for Spring 2019”