Teaching from the trenches. Tuesday

My work week is Sunday through Wednesday. Yesterday was Tuesday and thank G-d a GOOD day.  There was 75% participation in my grade 8 class.  Since there are only four students it’s an easy calculation.  We read a poem called ‘Fueled‘ by Marcie Hans. Then they had to write a poem of their own.  OneContinue reading “Teaching from the trenches. Tuesday”

Teaching from the trenches

Another wonderful week thus far in school-ville.  For those who know me, I’m being sarcastic.  For the non-teacher and non-male readers, compare this time of year and last few weeks of teaching to the last few weeks of pregnancy.  You know the end is in sight, but it’s like eight months then a year. AtContinue reading “Teaching from the trenches”

The end of the school year. From a teacher in the trenches

I am feeling much better than last week.  My voice has returned, my energy has not.  I have an annoying cough that will probably take a while before it goes away. As long as I don’t have a coughing fit in the middle of class, I’m good. This is the most challenging time of theContinue reading “The end of the school year. From a teacher in the trenches”