Does social media cause stress?

Does social media cause stress?  Without any official case studies or further ado, I will wholeheartedly answer in the affirmative. YES, social media can cause stress. I’ll speak for myself. There’s enough stress in my life and don’t need more.  I can’t control most stressors, but I can empower myself to be in control overContinue reading “Does social media cause stress?”

The How-to-Get-Unaddicted to Facebook Post

Hi.  I’m Karen.  I’m Facebook addict.  Or at least I used to be.  It was a mild addiction, if there is such a thing.  Or maybe I came to the realization FB was a big time suck and I needed to DeKlutter it from my life. I had about 200 Friends, belonged to a coupleContinue reading “The How-to-Get-Unaddicted to Facebook Post”