4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus

Yesterday, May 14, was my birthday.  Since Corona restrictions are easing up, my exciting birthday outing was to the pharmacy for a prescription refill of allergy medication.  Woo-hoo! Considering pollen abounds and I’ve been miserable without this pill, I was quite excited to hop a bus, albeit be-masked, to run this errand.  A shirt withContinue reading “4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized During Coronavirus”

TUESDAY TIP: How to keep your tichels tidy

TUESDAY TIP If you’re into tying tichels than this tidy tip is for you. Purchase a package of shower rings and attach them to a hanger. Then hang your tichels/ scarves/pashminas etc. from the rings. This scarf solution both practical and inexpensive. No room in the closet to hang? Use the back of a doorContinue reading “TUESDAY TIP: How to keep your tichels tidy”

Are you OVERWHELMED by clutter?

Once upon a time, there were only sports coaches.  Nowadays there are sports coaches health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and more. Since I’m a master at organizing, I became a CLUTTER COACH (spelled Klutter Koach, K for Karen). I hear from many clients how they want to tackle their organizational challenges but get OVERWHELMEDContinue reading “Are you OVERWHELMED by clutter?”

The Truth About Cleaning for Pesach

To me, Pesach cleaning is not a daunting task. However if the term ‘Pesach cleaning’ is the all-encompassing phrase that really means ‘shopping, cooking, cleaning, spring cleaning, and turning over the kitchen from non-Pesach to Pesach’ I get overwhelmed.  I’ve written many articles about preparing for Pesach and follow my own advice, hence the feel ofContinue reading “The Truth About Cleaning for Pesach”

The Art of Re-Purposing

Did you ever do the activity in school where you had to pretend you were stranded on a desert island or lost in the woods? You had only a limited number of  items with you and the point of the activity was to see how many creative uses you could find for each item.  ForContinue reading “The Art of Re-Purposing”

The Klutter Koach’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge

I’ve had many people ask me for a daily home organizing challenge.  I happily complied and have been posting them on my Facebook page. Then it dawned on me not all Klutter Koach followers are on Facebook.  Hence, I will post the challenges here.  Each one takes 15 minutes or less. I practice what IContinue reading “The Klutter Koach’s Daily Home Organizing Challenge”

Organizing Your Child’s School Papers

Problem: The endless balagan of papers, projects, art, things to sign and what to do with them. Solution:  Create a system to manage incoming papers.   Storage options see-through drawers handled carrying cases generally used for art projects extra large ziplock bags hanging folders and storage box LABEL THE DRAWER, BOX, OR BAG WITH YOURContinue reading “Organizing Your Child’s School Papers”