The Truth About Cleaning for Pesach

To me, Pesach cleaning is not a daunting task. However if the term ‘Pesach cleaning’ is the all-encompassing phrase that really means ‘shopping, cooking, cleaning, spring cleaning, and turning over the kitchen from non-Pesach to Pesach’ I get overwhelmed.  I’ve written many articles about preparing for Pesach and follow my own advice, hence the feel ofContinue reading “The Truth About Cleaning for Pesach”

Pesach Cleaning is NOT Spring Cleaning

This past week the local weather experienced summer-like temperatures. Days like these put me in spring cleaning mentality after a long, cold winter. With Pesach cleaning on the radar, note there is less than a month until Pesach (which is a different preparatory experience from spring cleaning). On a basic level, the difference between theContinue reading “Pesach Cleaning is NOT Spring Cleaning”

The Aliyah Files #6: Preparing for Pesach in Israel-Time Management, Shopping, and Organizational Strategies

Purim and over and now the countdown is on until Pesach. This edition of the Olim Files discusses the ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECTS of time and space the holiday.