Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona

A butterfly flew past me while I was on route running an errand. 🦋 It’s quite unusual to see a butterfly around here, especially one in mid-January. At first I thought it a figment of my imagination and then realized it was real. The butterfly hovered a second in front of me before it flutteredContinue reading “Butterflies, Diamonds, Mindset and Corona”

Living in the Moment

Whether a holiday, age, or season, how often do we live in the moment and enjoy what’s happening in the here and now? There’s a Facebook group called Garden n country that posts seasonal photos, nature pictures, and a “Who remembers _?” such as “Who Remembers grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup?” (I DO!!! andContinue reading “Living in the Moment”

Taking a Sick Day

Today I took a sick day from work.  Not a sick day like the well-deserved mental health day I could really use, but mamash a sick day because I was feeling extremely ill. Taking a day off is logistically very difficult.  To miss a day of teaching and having to deal with substitute plans isContinue reading “Taking a Sick Day”