The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Muffins, Soup, and a Smoothie

Today was Yom Haatzmaut, Independence Day in Israel. Aside from the patriotic aspect,  it is famed for being the day of the barbecue, known as mangal in local lingo. I have absolutely zero knowledge nor interest in manning a grill so I leave that up to my husband or teen son. While they cooked upContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Muffins, Soup, and a Smoothie”

The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Smoothies

I have discovered smoothies are an easy way to get fruits and vegetables into my family.  I haven’t figured out what the appeal of a straw inserted into a drink is but if I works, so be it. The trick to make my smoothies kid-friendly is the proportion of sweet to non-sweet.  I also makeContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen: Smoothies”

The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen Wednesday

In my family, grocery shopping is done once a week. On Thursday we do the Shabbos shopping plus purchase any other food for the upcoming week. The majority of the weekly cooking is done on Friday. Then we cruise on leftovers for the rest of the week, supplementing new dishes as needed. Today is WednesdayContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen Wednesday”