Where are my Keys?

How often do you ask yourself this question?  Perhaps you know exactly where they are.  You’re in the lucky minority if you aren’t constantly searching. Let’s say you know exactly where your keys are, however… Does this look your key ring? Or this? Can you find the key to your front door? Or is it like trying to find Waldo in a Where’s Waldo photo.  Not good.  Especially  when you really need to use the toilet. I’m pleased to announce my key ring didn’t look as bad as either one of these above however I realized I was carrying around more than I needed. I really hadn’t … Continue reading Where are my Keys?

From the Perspective of a Key

Hi.  I’m a Key Ring.  I serve a very important purpose in your life.  I open the doors to your home, your car, your office.  I may even hold those little plastic tags for your library card or store discount cards.I’m a big part of your daily functioning. However, I am sad.  Very very sad.  Some of you just toss me aside.  Then you forget where I am.  I am lost.  I am homeless.  I am MIA.  Then when you want me, I can’t call out to you and yell “Here I am!  I’m under the pile of bills on … Continue reading From the Perspective of a Key