Using up Leftovers

One of the many things I am passionate about is not wasting things.  In our home we try not to waste food, water, or electricity.  In regards to food, we prepare foods the family likes.  We encourage taking smaller portions and having seconds or thirds if more food is desired.  Nobody minds leftovers, but sometimesContinue reading “Using up Leftovers”

The Klutter Koach’s Kreative Kitchen

This week was the first “normal” week after a month of holidays. Neither my husband nor I wanted to do any middle of the week food shopping because we were 1) tired and didn’t feel like it 2) wanted to use up leftovers and 3) didn’t want to spend any more money until it wasContinue reading “The Klutter Koach’s Kreative Kitchen”

The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen Wednesday

In my family, grocery shopping is done once a week. On Thursday we do the Shabbos shopping plus purchase any other food for the upcoming week. The majority of the weekly cooking is done on Friday. Then we cruise on leftovers for the rest of the week, supplementing new dishes as needed. Today is WednesdayContinue reading “The Koach’s Kreative Kitchen Wednesday”

The Week of Creative Food Combinations

Pesach is getting close. Countdown: one week and one day.  Next week at this time we will be doing bekidas chometz (search to check that all traces of levened products have been removed).  Besides for the shopping and cleaning, one other thing my family does to prepare for the holiday is eat up all theContinue reading “The Week of Creative Food Combinations”

The Pantry Challenge

There are times when it is not possible to get to the grocery store.  The reasons are many:  the store is closed, the car is being serviced, your energy is zapped and you don’t want to go out, you are waiting for payday, it’s December 24, etc. Most people are so used to “running toContinue reading “The Pantry Challenge”