Save Time and Money with Stick-On Labels

My family’s annual back to school shopping outing was a tradition I eagerly anticipated. Getting new shoes and clothing was special but even more so was the thrill of selecting school supplies. A brand new box of Crayola crayons is a memory I shall never forget.  My mother must have had the patience of aContinue reading “Save Time and Money with Stick-On Labels”

Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II

Transitions suck.  I apologize for such  crude language.  However, that is my current sentiment and I couldn’t think of anything else more refined sounding. I have previously written about transitioning over a wardrobe between seasons.   The “knowing how” is one thing; the steps aren’t difficult.  The difficult part is contending with Mother Nature’s fickleness between seasons.Continue reading “Seasonal Clothing Transitions Part II”