Amazon Adventures

I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I rarely shop online and prefer to shop in a store, but as a sign of the times, I’ve found the convenience and quality of online shopping to be a good alternative to having to trek around town. Because of this change in attitude, I’ve been trekking on Amazon instead.Continue reading “Amazon Adventures”

Got Kid Memorabilia? Scrapbook it! No Supplies? No worries. Here’s how.

Show me a mom who doesn’t have kid drawings, photos, and other memorabilia piling up somewhere or multiple somewheres around the house. With much certainty, I can presume the majority of this stockpile isn’t organized. Ok, moms if you’re looking for something to do while you stay safe at home, here’s a project for theContinue reading “Got Kid Memorabilia? Scrapbook it! No Supplies? No worries. Here’s how.”

On This Day

Facebook has a semi-new feature called ‘On This Day’.  It is a stroll down Memory Lane to see what you posted on this same day and month in years prior.  I find it interesting. While a nostalgic photo may bring back memories, what I find most interesting is how events seemingly are cyclical in nature.  This goes beyond holiday celebrations.Continue reading “On This Day”