A Bag of Hand-Me-Down Clothing Has Arrived-Now What?

Hand-me-downs are great.  You can save lots of money and avoid having to shop. A wonderful opportunity of free clothing has presented itself, but I suggest to act immediately and sort/select which items you want to keep. If you delay, the bags tend to pile up, causing overwhelm. Additionally, the items you don’t want become clutter.Continue reading “A Bag of Hand-Me-Down Clothing Has Arrived-Now What?”

Repurposing Storage Space

A few weeks ago I re-arranged my kitchen cabinets.  It is been a very efficient and user-friendly system since. Now a different area of the home is out of balance and needs a solution: the boys’ clothing storage situation.  Perhaps you can relate to the following scenario:  Child wants to get dressed.  Child then pullsContinue reading “Repurposing Storage Space”