The Pantry Challenge: Pre-Pesach Edition

What is the Pantry Challenge? The Pantry Challenge is challenging yourself to use the ingredients you have at home from the pantry, fridge, and freezer without going to the store to buy an additional items. There are many times during the year this challenge comes in handy such as the week before payday when fundsContinue reading “The Pantry Challenge: Pre-Pesach Edition”


I’ve been making Pesach for almost 19 years.  In general, I’m into labeling contents of containers but when it comes to the time crunch of putting away non-Pesach items and unpacking Pesach items I have not been stringent with my labeling. On Friday I was determined this year would be different.  Armed with camera, myContinue reading “THE BEST PESACH TIP EVER”

The Aliyah Files #6: Preparing for Pesach in Israel-Time Management, Shopping, and Organizational Strategies

Purim and over and now the countdown is on until Pesach. This edition of the Olim Files discusses the ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECTS of time and space the holiday.

On This Day

Facebook has a semi-new feature called ‘On This Day’.  It is a stroll down Memory Lane to see what you posted on this same day and month in years prior.  I find it interesting. While a nostalgic photo may bring back memories, what I find most interesting is how events seemingly are cyclical in nature.  This goes beyond holiday celebrations.Continue reading “On This Day”