School’s out for summer. What do I do with all those papers?

The school year ended a few short weeks ago, yet the stores are already starting with the back to school displays.  I cannot think about back to school…it’s only July.  Whether you avail yourself of the early-bird sales or not it is crucial to deal with last year’s school papers immediately.  You do NOT wantContinue reading “School’s out for summer. What do I do with all those papers?”

Organizing Your Child’s School Papers

Problem: The endless balagan of papers, projects, art, things to sign and what to do with them. Solution:  Create a system to manage incoming papers.   Storage options see-through drawers handled carrying cases generally used for art projects extra large ziplock bags hanging folders and storage box LABEL THE DRAWER, BOX, OR BAG WITH YOURContinue reading “Organizing Your Child’s School Papers”