IKEA is opening nearby but before you go shopping READ THIS

BIG NEWS. Top news stories change quickly whether it was the great pre-Pesach egg hunt, butter sightings, or news of schools re-opening (in Israel) after Corona lockdown. NOW the exciting news is IKEA is opening near Bet Shemesh.  But before you go rushing off to shop, read this in regards to PURCHASING STORAGE PRODUCTS FORContinue reading “IKEA is opening nearby but before you go shopping READ THIS”

The Art of Re-Purposing

Did you ever do the activity in school where you had to pretend you were stranded on a desert island or lost in the woods? You had only a limited number of  items with you and the point of the activity was to see how many creative uses you could find for each item.  ForContinue reading “The Art of Re-Purposing”