The Aliyah Files #37 Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation

It’s November and the temperture in my region has been 80s during the day and lower at night. If accurate, the weather forecast predicts a good ten degrees lower tomorrow. Hooray! as I’m not a hot-weather gal. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the right time to put the summer clothes away and take outContinue reading “The Aliyah Files #37 Seasonal Wardrobe Rotation”

The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses

The school year is coming to a close. As the final weeks are being counted down, another thing I’m counting the amount of money flying out of my wallet and wishing the money tree would sprout more bills. Here are some unexpected expenses to expect: field trips (tiyulim)- some are included in the annual fee,Continue reading “The Aliyah Files #36 Money and end of year school expenses”