The Joys of Toys

Joys.  Toys.  Boys.  Oys.  What do these words have in common?  Other than rhyming, what’s the link? (Remember, I am an English teacher.) Toys have a purpose to serve:  to engage young minds in creative play, build cognitive skills, and/or have fun.  This is the joy of toys.  Boys and girls enjoy playtime.  The ‘oys’ come when there are simply too many toys to manage. I have embraced Marie Kondo’s philosophy “if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it’.  This applies to all things, toys included.  An observant parent will know what her children play with and what they don’t. … Continue reading The Joys of Toys

The Joys of Toys. How to declutter and keep toys from taking over your home

Lately, on my organizing groups, I’ve seen many posts dealing with toy storage.  The suggestions are great.  However, I am very bothered by the photos accompanying the articles.  What irks me is two-fold.  Firstly, the quantity of toys to organize is overwhelming.  Secondly, the photo is staged because no children’s room is that immaculate.  What is the reality of that room after five minutes of playtime?  Most likely, the beautifully coordinated bins are overturned, stuff is everywhere, and the room looks like a tornado hit.  So, the questions I have are how long  does the clean up take and who is doing the straightening? I … Continue reading The Joys of Toys. How to declutter and keep toys from taking over your home

It’s Clean Up Time

One of my all-time favorite movies is Mary Poppins.  One of my all-time favorite scenes in the movie is when Mary Poppins helps Jane and Michael tidy up the nursery.  As a young, impressionable child, this scene left a mark on my psyche.  Yes, I knew it was movie magic.  But somewhere inside, some part of me wished I could snap my fingers and everything I needed to put away would levitate into place.  As much as I hoped or even tried, maybe it just might work, it didn’t.  Clean-up time is a DIY task. Having a handful of kids at home, … Continue reading It’s Clean Up Time