“Are you thinking of spring cleaning, but are overwhelmed at what it entails? Maybe you have a few too many miscellaneous drawers? Or would you like to simply optimize your living area?

“Karen Furman provides an amazing service as The Klutter Koach. She can tackle a situation objectively, help sort and put away your belongings so pleasantly that you’ll be left feeling like you spent the day relaxing.”

“Last week, I hired Karen to help me conquer my mamad, which somehow became a place for everything, almost in place of a machson. Karen was able to switch around the storage in the room, declutter without pressure or judgment and after a few hours, the room was 100% functional.”

“I highly recommend Karen for any part of your apartment which you feel can and should be organized better.”

———————————————————————————————————————————–“We just downsized to a new apartment, and I have not been able to get out

of the clutter.  I have been giving away and discarding so much, but still
could not seem to organize.  Karen Furman came to my home today for 4
hours, and she was fabulous.  she took over where I left off, and she
showed me how to organize while also doing the work for me.  She
photographed everything and was able to post on Facebook for me.  At the
end of the work, she took away everything that was not yet taken, and she
now is holding it until she gets to a gemach later this week.  I finally
see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Most likely, I will ask her to
come back to help with the rest  sometime next week.”

“What a bracha to have someone like Karen helping me.  She is bright,
delightful, and really knows what to do with everything.  If you need help
getting rid of items, and decluttering/organizing your home or office, I
highly recommend that you hire Karen to do the work for you.  You will not
be sorry.”

Laurie S, Bet Shemesh

I used to feel stress walking into our cluttered home. It’s been 3 weeks since Karen organized our playroom (for 5 kids) and hall area. Both are still holding up neatly! Methodically, Karen classified items and found homes for each toy, book, game, and whatever. She dramatically decreased the clutter and overwhelming mess of kids’ and parents’ items. Of course, I expected the areas to look neat as soon as she left, but I figured it would be a matter of days before they returned to looking like the aftermath of a tornado. But that didn’t happen. Games with little pieces are out of reach of little hands. Our two shelves of children’s books were pared down and organized into a few categorized bins. The difference is so refreshing, and I no longer feel that stress of walking through a minefield of toys and games and stuff.   Ira S, Bet Shemesh

This is an unsolicited recommendation for Karen Furman’s home organization services. She is pleasant, nonjudgmental and efficient. Totally worth the money. My entranceway is now a functional mudroom, my kitchen is suddenly more roomy and my laundry room is a nice place to hang out. Almost (: Also she takes away the clutter when she leaves so you don’t have to deal with it.
Devora T, Bet Shemesh

Karen’s advice has been spot-on when it comes to decluttering and organizing.  She is generous with her suggestions and really understands how to pare down the non-essential.  She has helped me tremendously with deciding what to keep, throw away, sell and give away during my preparations for Aliyah.  But whether you are moving, downsizing or simply want to have more living space in your current home, Karen will guide you with practical tips on how to reach your goals.One example of advice that has helped me tremendously is to get rid of stuffed animals (a.k.a. dust magnets) other than a few favorites.  My kids now have much easier access to the toys they really use, rather than being cluttered up by the unnecessary.  Rivkah K, New Jersey

 Karen has helped me so much with organizing and making my kitchen work better for me and for my family.  She listened to all of my concerns and feedback and came up with unique and incredibly effective solutions that have not only made our kitchen look nicer and more organized but have allowed me to keep track of everything much better and find things much quicker when I need them.  Thank you so much from my entire family!
 Rachel L, Jerusalem 

 I want to thank “Karen the Klutter Koach” so much for her help.

I had gotten to the point where my clutter started to overwhelm me to the point where I didn’t know where to begin. Karen walked in and got right to work. Within 2 hours a room that was unusable became usable again! Together we set up systems in place that I’m confident I can maintain. Most importantly, she broke me out of my rut and gave me the confidence I needed! She’s very sweet, non-judgmental, and she sent me a wonderfully detailed follow-up email detailing what we did and giving me tips for the future. I highly recommend to her to anyone needing help to overcome their “klutter”.
Anonymous, Bet Shemesh

Questions about what I do in an organizing session?  See my FAQ page.
Ready to get started and be the next satisfied client?  Contact Me


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