Hi and welcome. I’m Karen Furman, Home Organizer and Decluttering Expert.  This is my website and blog where you’ll find home organizing tips, aliyah advice & practical wisdom with a dash of sass.

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My business is called The Klutter Koach, which is spelled with a K for Karen and pronounced Coach. Though my business is called The Klutter Koach, I deal with more than just clutter. 

Services Offered

  • Home organizing 
  • Downsizing 
  • Decluttering 
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Aliyah advisement in the jurisdiction of your “stuff” 

Making Aliyah

If planning on making aliyah or new to Israel, check out my blog series The Olim Files with over 25 blog posts aimed at helping olim master everything from slang to buying school supplies.  Whether it’s what OTC medication you can substitute for Motrin or how to begin the downsizing/decluttering process before you move you’ll find this to be an amazing RESOURCE.

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Moving Services

Moving is stressful enough and having to deal with a mountain of boxes is overwhelming.  Let me unpack for you! As an example, I can unpack your kitchenware and set up your kitchen while you can attend to your family. By the time I’m finished you’ll have everything in place to be able to put supper on the table and skip another night of take-out.  

I’ll take you from moving boxes to organizational systems.  If you discover you brought too much stuff, I’ll remove it and find freecycle it to those who can use it.

**If you are interested in a MOVING CHECKLIST-WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR OPEN FIRST BOX contact me here and I’ll email you a copy.**

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Home Organizing / Decluttering / Downsizing

REGARDLESS IF YOU ARE ORGANIZED OR NOT ORGANIZED being short on time, energy, or motivation is what keeps us from starting and/or finishing projects.

If you can dedicate 2-4 hours of time per session, the Klutter Koach will ENTHUSIASTICALLY and NON-JUDGMENTALLY help you get those home organizing projects checked off your list. Closets, clothing, kitchens, playrooms & more. 

Want a FREE CONSULTATION?  CONTACT ME We’ll chat about what project you want to tackle and how we can achieve that goal.

Before & After of Rooms Transformed

Here’s a slideshow of my work. (One photo is labeled in reverse..but you get the idea…a new awesome video coming soon!.  Yes, these are real clients (photos used with permission).  While not everyone needs such an ‘extreme makeover’ it shows that I can tackle large projects as well as smaller ones.  We’ll make a room go from chaos to calm in a matter of hours.  Clients tell me they are able to maintain the work we accomplished.


The Klutter Koach locally services Bet Shemesh and outlying areas.  Questions on what happens during an organizing session?  Check out my FAQ page and if you can’t find what you’re looking for drop me a line on the CONTACT ME  page.  

Thanks for visiting.

Karen, The Klutter Koach