Hi and welcome! I’m Karen Furman, professional organizer and de-cluttering expert.

I’m originally from Chicago and made aliyah in 2010.  I live with my family of 8 in a three-bedroom one-floor apartment. As you can imagine, space is tight. I have learned to maximize space and pare down clutter and help others do the same. I am always seeking solutions to organizational challenges because our space must evolve to accommodate our changing needs. 

With my unique combination of organizational skills + patience + easy-going manner I help homemakers make the most of their space and create systems that work. For clients who are moving, it’s stressful enough to move and you’ve had enough of boxes and packing tape.  Let me set up your kitchen so you can attend to your family and by the time I’m finished, everything will be in order that you can skip the carry-out and prepare a meal in your new kitchen.

Services offered

  • Home Organizing
  • Downsizing / De-cluttering
  • Packing /Unpacking
  • Removing and Re-homing/Free-cycling of de-cluttered items

What are clients saying?

“Karen can tackle a situation objectively… She was able to switch around the storage in the room, de-clutter without pressure or judgement and after a few hours, the room was 100% functional.”

“It took Karen 4 hours to do what would have taken me three months! I love my space now!”


Call/ WhatApp 058-716-3405 or email theklutterkoach@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!