Hi and welcome! I’m Karen Furman, professional organizer and de-cluttering expert.

I’m originally from Chicago and made aliyah in 2010. I have a degree in language education and spent two decades in the classroom teaching Spanish and ESL to grades K-12. (Yes, I’m older than I look!) Additionally I’m a licensed massage therapist specializing in Swedish, deep tissue and myofacial massage.

I live with my family of 8 in a three-bedroom one-floor apartment. As you can imagine, space is tight. I have learned to maximize space and pare down clutter and help others do the same. I am always seeking solutions to organizational challenges because our space must evolve to accommodate our changing needs. 

With my unique combination of instructing + organizational skills + patience + easy-going manner I help homemakers make the most of their space and create systems that work. My clients become empowered with skills to conquer their clutter and overcome organizational challenges

BEFORE & AFTER photos of spaces of transformed

Services offered

  • Home Organizing / Downsizing / De-cluttering
  • Packing /Unpacking
  • Removing and Re-homing/Freecycling of de-cluttered items

What are clients saying?

“Karen can tackle a situation objectively… She was able to switch around the storage in the room, declutter without pressure or judgement and after a few hours, the room was 100% functional.”

“It took Karen 4 hours to do what would have taken me three months! I love my space now!”

For a FREE Consultation or questions

Call/ WhatApp Karen 058-716-3405 or email

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!