I’m Karen Furman, home organizer and moving strategist. I have a degree in teaching and 24 years experience in the classroom.  At one point I realized I wanted to “declutter” the stress of the classroom from my life and switched careers to massage therapy.

The Klutter Koach was born after realizing I could help equip others with the skills needed to organize and decluter their spaces.  With 8 people in my family I have lots of experience in practing what I preach. I am constantly finding solutions to organizational challenges because one’s space is always evolving and changing. I assist my clients in the same manner by listening to their home organizational concerns and creating solutions. I have a can-do, non-judgemental, and easy going manner.

Check out the new Klutter Koach Gallery to see some amazing before and after of spaces that have been transformed.

I offer HOME ORGANIZING SOLUTIONS to residents of Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh.


My Blog is where you can read The Olim Files: a series for Anglo in Israel, organizing and decluttering articles, and other random mussings.



  • in-person home organizing
  • decluttering and re-homing unwanted items
  • unpacking and move-in organizing for Bet Shemesh area residents


  • What happens during a session?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will the space stay organized?
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Ready for some home organizing solutions? Need some encouragement to get some momentum for your home organizing project?  Contact me.


Organizing and Decluttering Session  

I used to feel stress walking into our cluttered home. It’s been 3 weeks since Karen organized our play room (for 5 kids) and hall area. Both are still holding up neatly! Methodically, Karen classified items and found homes for each toy, book, game, and whatever. She dramatically decreased the clutter and overwhelming mess of kids’ and parents’ items.  Ira S, Bet Shemesh

Organizing Session 

Karen is pleasant, nonjudgmental and efficient. Totally worth the money. My entrance way is now a functional mudroom, my kitchen is suddenly more roomy and my laundry room is a nice place to hang out. Also she takes away the clutter when she leaves so you don’t have to deal with it. Devora T, Bet Shemesh

Organizing Session

I want to thank “Karen the Klutter Koach” so much for her help.
I had gotten to the point where my clutter started to overwhelm me to the point where I didn’t know where to begin. Karen walked in and got right to work. Within 2 hours a room that was unusable became usable again! Together we set up systems in place that I’m confident I can maintain. Most importantly, she broke me out of my rut and gave me the confidence I needed! She’s very sweet, non-judgmental, and she sent me a wonderful detailed follow up email detailing what we did and giving me tips for the future. I highly recommend to her to anyone needing help to overcome their “klutter”.
Anonymous, Bet Shemesh