Hi and welcome! I’m Karen Furman. I’m a home organizer and moving strategist in the Bet Shemesh/Jerusalem area.  I’m originally from suburban Chicago and I made aliyah in 2010 from Baltimore. I have a background in teaching and additional training in the art of relaxation (aka massage therapy).

Currently, I live in a three-bedroom one-floor apartment with my family of eight.As you can imagine, space is tight. I am always seeking solutions to organizational challenges because our  space must evolve to accommodate our changing needs. I’ve moved apartment (and cities) three times in ten years.  I’ve got it down to a science.

The key to surviving in a small space is to get rid of clutter and have a place for everything.  When it’s clean up time, things can get put back where they belong quickly and the apartment looks picture perfect (until the Lego and Playmobil get dumped out once again aka “Life with Kids”)

What can a home organizer and moving strategist do for you?

  • Orchestrate a smooth move-in and move-out. Move-ins and move-outs are stressful.  Wouldn’t it be great to have and extra hand getting all those boxes packed/unpacked  while putting organizing systems in place straight from the boxes?
  • Find “homes” for your essential items such as your keys, glasses,  phone chargers, etc.
  • Show you organizing can be FUN (at least I believe so).  Let’s get the momentum going on projects you’ve been wanting to tackle. I am very enthusiastic about what I do and my positive vibes are contagious.
  • Improve shalom bayis because we’ll create a workable, user-friendly space.
  • Help with life transitions: moving, getting engaged, marriage, new baby, downsizing, divorce, empty nest.  All these changes involve not only people but “stuff”. Let’s get  organized! We’ll start, we’ll finish, and you’ll love your space afterward.

No need to be shy about scheduling a session. My goal is to help you get your space working for you.  I am not judgmental and have seen all kinds of situations that just need a little (or a lot) of work.  Whether you need a small area makeover like a closet or drawer or a playroom overhaul, I’m here for you. I organize from the heart.


Transitions Package= 180 nis for 2 hours
Busy Lady Package= 240 nis for 3 hours
Relocation Package =300 nis for 4 hours
See my Services page for details.

Peruse my Gallery to see some amazing before and after of spaces that have been transformed.

Got Questions? See my FAQ page for the answer to these questions and more:

  • What happens during a session?
  • How long will a session take?
  • Will the space stay organized?

Ready to get some home organizing solutions? Need some encouragement to get some momentum going for your home organizing project? Contact me.

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